Frequently Asked Questions

We've received enough of the same questions, we thought we should start recording them here.

Q: Who is Grampa Bill?
A: Grampa Bill is my dad.  When our boys were little, if we were going to have BBQ, we always referred to Dad's sauce as "Grampa Bill's BBQ Sauce."  It seemed appropriate to keep calling it that.

Q: Is Grampa Bill's BBQ Sauce organic?
A: The original recipe, as perfected by Grampa Bill, is not organic.  We are researching how we could meet this important, emergent customer need.  While we have not yet developed an organic version of the recipe, every batch is handcrafted from quality ingredients.

Q: Is Grampa Bill's BBQ Sauce gluten-free?
A: The original recipe is not gluten-free.  We are working with our suppliers to identify which ingredients contain gluten , and we hope to have a gluten-free recipe in the near future.

Q: Can I get Grampa Bill's BBQ Sauce in larger quantities?
A: Larger quantities are available only by special request at this time.  Send an email to if you're interested in purchasing for resale or commercial use.

Q: Why don't you use plastic bottles for your sauces?
A: For many reasons, we do not package using plastic bottles.  The advantages of glass far outweigh the disadvantages, and we do not anticipate using plastic bottles for our sauces.